Jomblang Cave

Jombang  Cave

located  at the south of Wonosari City need 2 hours trip from Jogjakarta,  is a vertical cave characteristics which diametrically 50 m wide with vertical sides varies between 60-80 meters .

Visiting Jomblang Cave will be a very interesting adventure especially for not adventure lover as  to visit this cave need a good courage because there is no other way to get into this cave unless visitors will be suspended from 80 meters  height to the bottom, One by one the visitors will be hanged with a rope and hoisted down towards the bottom of the cave by more than 10 men.

Tour to this Cave preferable  start at 07.30 by departure from Jogjakarta so you will be on the bottom of this cave when the sun is in zenith, sunlight will come  and you will be a spectacular lighting  on the cave.

To get out from Jombalng Cave visitors will be drawn up in the same way.

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